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Hi! My Name is Fun Dre (“Fun Dre” = “Andrei” + “FUN”), and here’s why we do what we do:

We believe that learning should be Enriching, Relevant and Fun!

In that respect, many of the current education systems around the world have two main problems:

  1. They don’t teach teenagers and young adults the soft skills required to truly be successful as both professionals and human beings in the XXI century;
  2. They are terribly NOT fun…

Through the Learn with Fun Dre series, we aim to solve both those problems by helping young professionals (teenagers and young adults) learn the things they couldn’t learn in school, but that are essential in order to have a successful professional career and a fulfilling personal life.

To ensure top quality content, for each course in the series we collaborate with experts in the fields we discuss, in order to bring the most relevant information to you. To keep things light-hearted and fun though, they all decided to let me do the talking.

So, let’s talk about this particular course now…

First of all, why learn about leadership?

Well, if you want to be amazing at any of the following:

  • Business;
  • Teaching;
  • Building strong teams either at workin sports or in school clubs;
  • Having a great social impact of any kind,

then great leadership skills are essential in bringing the best out of your team and thus, be successful.

Now, you’re probably thinking: ‘The Fun Dre concept is cute (and I can confirm that), but is this course the real deal?’

Well, this course is a GREAT DEAL, and here’s why:

  • Andrei, the instructor who put this information together, hasover 10 years of international leadership experience;
  • He also had the privilege to serve teams ranging from 2 to over 150 people, in both the military and business environments;

So, in short, you are learning from a Doer, not a Talker.

Moreover, here are some of the cool things you will get to learn:

  1. How to think like a Great Leader;
  2. How to build an autonomous team from scratch;
  3. How to become a Situational Leader;
  4. How to communicate your vision in an inspiring way;
  5. How to communicate tasks effectively;
  6. How to manage time as a leader;
  7. How to lead a multicultural team;
  8. Tricky situations and how to tackle them;
  9. And lots, lots more!

Now, picture this:

  • If all great leaders bring the best out of those around them;


  • If all humans become great leaders;


  • All humans bring the best out of each other.

Now, wouldn’t a world like that look Great? So, help a brother out and become one. Then, teach others to do the same. That, would be awesome and that’s how a few dollars can change the world.

Hope to see you again!


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