Udemy – iPhone iOS 10 – Discover 20 Awesome Additions to Your Phone [100% off]

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iPhone iOS 10 - Discover 20 Awesome Additions to Your Phone

Course Description

Do you own an iPhone (or an iPad for that matter)?

If so, you may have noticed that in September 2016 Apple released the latest version of their mobile operating system:

iOS 10

This is an update that really has made the news over the last few days, with many experts claiming that iOS 10 is the biggest revision since the first iPhone nine years ago.

If you have already updated to iOS 10 then I believe this class will help you get the most from your new-look phone.

And if you haven’t updated yet, then you should watch this class for 20 reasons why you should update your iPhone to iOS 10 TODAY !!!

The class begins by considering 6 generic additions to the new mobile operating system:

  • Quick Camera Launch
  • Mark Up Photos
  • Object Search in Photos
  • Additions to the Clock App
  • Erase Pre-installed Apps
  • Close All Tabs

This is followed by seven awesome additions to the Messages App on Your iPhone:

  • The Camera Option in Messages
  • Digital Touch Options in Messages
  • Handwritten Notes in Messages
  • Emojis in Messages
  • Bubble Effects in Messages
  • Screen Effects in Messages
  • Add Comments to Past Texts

And finally seven new productivity features.

  • Widgets
  • Email Filter
  • Email Threading
  • Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists
  • Bilingual Keyboard
  • Universal Clipboard
  • Share Your Notes

If you want to get the most out of your iPhone or iPad, then enrol in this class today!


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