Udemy – Introduction To Java 8 Functional Programming [100% off]

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Introduction To Java 8 Functional Programming

Course Description

this course will teach you the following Parts of Functional Programming:

  1. Getting to know the concept: we will answer to the questions of What is Functional Programming and why should we use it.
  2. How to use Lambda expressions on Collections: collections are a very important part of JAVA and every developer is concerned with it so in this course we will discover how you can use lambda expressions to improve your usage of java collections.
  3. How to use Comparators and Filters: complex operations like filtering and comparing data is made very easy like never using lambda expressions with some quiet beautiful utilities offered by JAVA 8.
  4. How to design with lambda expressions: if you are designing your applications using strategy pattern (which makes you handling more and more hierarchy problems), lambda expressions is made for you to minimize the complexity generated by the hierarchy of your classes and interfaces.


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