Udemy – Intro to Bubble – Learn how to build apps without code [100% OFF]

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Intro to Bubble - Learn how to build apps without code

Have an idea for an app or maybe you just want to learn how to create them? Let me guess… you can’t code? Welcome to the wonderful world of Bubble. Bubble is a revolutionary visual programming platform that enables people with absolutely no technical background to build fully functional web applications without code.

In this course, we will learn:

– How to build fully responsive web apps without code

– How to create web interfaces that people love with Bubble’s visual editor

– How to publish our application to a live domain!

– What databases and objects are, and how to structure your applications database

– So much more!

This is the intro to Bubble course I wish I took before I began building apps with Bubble. Save days of wasted time by learning the basics of Bubble and all of the tips and tricks from an experienced Bubble programmer.


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