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Dear aspiring author,

Do you feel a burning desire to write it and spread your message but don’t know where to begin?

How would it feel if you could finally write that book which lies deep inside your heart and is bursting to come out of you?

You start jotting your book ideas in bits and pieces but don’t know how to put them together in a complete manuscript?

How would it feel to have absolute clarity about the contents and structure of your very own book?

What would it mean when you finally get a copy of this much dreamed-about book in your hands? And sign it for your readers? Or give it to someone in your niche, so they get to know you, like you and start trusting you through your story?
 It would mean BIG for you, I know!

You know you have a story.. A story that has the power to inspire many people around you.. But somewhere, deep down inside your heart, you still have these limiting beliefs because of which you haven’t give your own story enough weightage.. You might have an inspirational story of birthing your child or of transitioning your life from rags to riches, but you think you’re not the first one achieving this feat! So why bother writing a book on it, right? You might think:

  • My success happened by chance and you just got lucky.. OR
  • I’M not the only one who overcame that particular hurdle in life.. So what’s the big deal for it to be written in a book about.. OR
  • Who would want to read my book? Or even if they did pick it up, why would they read it? OR
  • Who am I to teach them this stuff?

Or even worse, if you are anything like I was before I published my first book, I used to believe, that successful authors were born with some special super-powers, and they had a secret code, not accessible to the common man! Hilarious, right? But really, that was my belief! Until I wrote my first book.

And as if all these beliefs were not enough, your mind tries to logic it out, saying things like:

  • It’s too many words to write to make up a book (Forgetting the fact that you very comfortably speak more than a book’s worth of words in 1-2 days alone!)
  • I could barely write a school essay.. Writing a book is far out! OR
  • Now is not the time.. I’ll definitely do this someday, though.. OR
  • Writing a book takes a lot of time and I don’t know if I can commit to that.
  • Should I name the book or write the contents first?
  • I’m too old to do it now OR
  • I’m too young and no one will take me seriously OR
  • I don’t have a great vocabulary OR
  • I’m weak in grammar

And the list is endless…

In this 10-day challenge, we will teach you our complete book-writing formula, with the exact steps to write your first book, which we teach our premium clients in our 90-day author program. You will be able to extract all the knowledge and experiences from your heart and mind and lay it out in the form of a well-structured book!

All of the above and many more queries will find a resolution in the 10-day challenge #ICanWriteABook

You get a daily Worksheet and a video to play with and lots of feedback, accountability and teamwork!

Is it time you wrote your book? Or even gave it a fair chance by starting to take some inspired action around it?

Can’t wait to see your progress,


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