Udemy – Hybrid Python3|Swift4 Applications [100% off]

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Hybrid Python3|Swift4  Applications

BI-RADS DATA SCIENCE FOR SWIFT/PYTHON HACKERS, is a course designed by an iOS Developer for iOS and Python Developers. In this course you will delve into Data Science on a level past using coreML for Machine Learning.

You will learn iPython enough to implement algorithms used in Data Science with little effort. As a Swift Programmer you will find the syntax needed to flow through iPython in Jupyter a breeze!!!

After grasping a thorough knowledge of supervised learning in the first two sections, you will dive into xCode and write a Logistic Regression Binary Based application.

In your final project, you will build BIRADS, a Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System that takes the output data from a Neural Network and assigns a BI-RADS Category given input from the following features…

 Sample code number ID number
2. Clump Thickness 1 – 10
3. Uniformity of Cell Size 1 – 10
4. Uniformity of Cell Shape 1 – 10
5. Marginal Adhesion 1 – 10
6. Single Epithelial Cell Size 1 – 10
7. Bare Nuclei 1 – 10
8. Bland Chromatin 1 – 10
9. Normal Nucleoli 1 – 10
10. Mitoses 1 – 10
11. Class: (1 for benign, 0 for malignant)


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