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April 15, 2018

Added new EXERCISE and SOLUTION sheets, plus EXCEL sheets for:

  • Tables – Main Principles (1)

April 13, 2018 – Added TWO NEW VIDEOS for:

  1. Tables – Main Principles (1)
  2. Tables – Main Principles (2)


This course is NOT about how to manipulate Excel tablesand apply Excel functions to numeric data. 

It is about DISPLAYING INFORMATIONin your technical or business document for maximum positive user experience.

Tables that are constructed well help the users understand and absorb information faster and retain it longer.

The course covers topics like

  • The 9 main principles of good table construction
  • How to name tables properly
  • How to construct tables for tabular data
  • How to apply the “parallel construction” principle when designing a table
  • How to convert chunks of hard-to-read text into easy-to-understand tables
  • And more…

The course is ideal for 

  • writers
  • managers
  • students
  • office workers
  • engineers
  • or anyone who creates content and wants to display it in a compact and user-friendly manner.

Lessons come with

  • EXERCISE and SOLUTION sheets, and
  • accompanyingPDF downloads to test your knowledge.


The table construction principles explained in this course will help you communicate better with your target audience and thus increase your productivity and profitability.


Ugur Akinci Ph.D.is a professional writer who worked for Fortune 100 companies since 1998, creating thousands of documents that use the same successful table-construction principles explained here.


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