Udemy – How to make, write and publish your systematic review [100% off]

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How to make, write and publish your systematic review

Medicine is one of the fields that constantly changes and evolve in a very rapid manner. With new treatments and drugs being discover and marketed, physician and healthcare practitioners come across which treatment to choose for my patients. You may wonder whether drug X is better than drug Y! Moreover, the growing number in clinical trials and published articles makes it very difficult, or even impossible, to keep updated about every emerging findings.

Systematic reviews have become a growing field in medical research. With its methods and capabilities, it enables physicians to stay updated about knew evidence regarding the best available treatment.

If you are medical student, a healthcare worker, a nurse , a physician, an undergraduate or post-graduate this course is for you.

It help you to understand what you need to know, in a practical manner, about systematic reviews. After watching this brief tutorial, all you need is an interesting research question to get your systematic review published.

By contributing to the body of systematic reviews, you are shaping the future of healthcare with many physician and scientists.

Enjoy your research journey in the field of systematic reviews. 🙂


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