Udemy – How to Make Professional Animation Videos with Vyond [100% OFF]


This Vyond tutorial is the most complete 360-degree ressource on Vyond Studio – formerly known as GoAnimate. I guide you through the preparation, production and fine-tuning of an animation video and the tips, tricks and hacks I used to produce more than 300 videos for small business, large corporations and everything in between.

• Fastest way to learn the basics of Vyond Studio

• Easy transition from learning to using key features and functionalities

• Step-by-step guidance through the creation of a full animation video

• Little-known hacks on how to  make Vyond better and take your videos from good to great.

GoAnimate changed name to Vyond, and I love them for it. I have been using GoAnimate for years, and it’s a great program – that just got so much better with Vyond Studio. From the new, sleek timeline, real-time preview and keyboard shortcuts to the modern contemporary animation style, the optimized character creator and the  speed of exporting – in this Vyond course, you will learn everything about this and much more.

I divide this Vyond course into the following sections: 

1. Learn the Basics of Vyond Studio

2. Create Your First Animation Video

3. Go Beyond Vyond

I look so much forward to sharing my knowledge with you – see you inside in a second!


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