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Finally, Learn How to Use Hangouts to Grow Your Businessby Cultivating Relationships, Hosting Webinars, Mastermind Groups, Collaborations, and More! Learn How You Can Start Doing This Today!

This specific training course was designed for you to watch over my shoulder, step-by-step, click by click, to ensure that you are able to successfully and effectively use hangouts in your businessto increase your sales conversionsand more.

Google Hangouts is the next big thing. However, we all know that the next big thing tends to fall to the wayside.

So, the question is will Google Hangouts live to be the next big thing for years and years to come?

Yes, I believe so.

If you haven’t tried out Google Hangouts, then I would highly recommend that you check it out or even do some research on it.

But imagine being able to get in the same room as everybody else, and get to see their actual faces, interact, and have an instant relationship builder.

“Ok, doesn’t that already exist? There’s nothing really new about that kind of thing, right?”

Yes, if you were to pick certain features.

No, if you see the system as a whole.

Imagine being able to collaborate in a meeting with your coworkers, business partners, or prospective customers?

You can present more effectively than ever, show them files that you’ve been working on, and much, much more.

What makes Google Hangouts so powerfulis its integration with its existing powerful apps.

But it doesn’t stop there.

It also gives you the capability of showing people the screen of your computer.

Of course, I know what you’re thinking. There’s a lot of software systems out there that already do this, right?

Yes, and many cost $99/month or more, yet only provide a fraction of the services.

Skype allows you to do some of this, but again it’s only a tiny feature.

So, while you can do that with other systems, the fact is that Google Hangouts is integrated into Google’s already powerful social networking, app system, Google Drive, and more – and it is free too, which makes a lot of difference.

Free? Yes, free.

This is very cost-effective in the long term.

And it doesn’t stop there.

It’s also compatible with iPhones, Android phones, PCs and other operating systems. I’ve tested various alternative systems and they tend to be compatible with PCs and Macs only.

So that being said there are many devices that have access to the Google Hangouts system. And therefore, that means more people and more prospective customers in the end to interact with. As a business owner, that is huge!

Want to put your live Hangouts on YouTube? Think of traffic and how powerful that can be. Now you have a full system (traffic and conversions) that integrates fully into YouTube.

And there are no monthly feesor anything like that, at least for now. And following Google’s track record, they tend to keep it that way.

Now there’s always advantages and disadvantages of any type of system as it is growing.

But I have to say that my wallet is definitely happy about Google Hangouts and I’m sure that yours will be too.

So, with that said, whether you want to use Google Hangouts for your business, non-profit organization, church, blog, website, or more…

…in this specific video series, you’re going to learn exactly how to use it the right way and how to use this system to the max.

Introducing the Business Hangout Blueprint video course.

Let’s get started!


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