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Zach Miller’s Course Includes:

Discover what you need to do to Rank Page 1 in Google Maps.

Google Maps is the next revolution in Google. It’s taken a backseat to YouTube for years, but 2018 is The Year of The Maps!

With new changes and the ability to drive INSANE AMOUNTS OF TRAFFIC to your website consistently, it’s become one of my favorite tools for local businesses.

What’s that? You say you have a Mobile Business, are a Real Estate Agent, or own a Home Business? That’s OK, you can still list your business on Google Maps, Increase your business today, and get a free local website provided by Google. I don’t just leave you there, I also added 10 directories you can use to list your business without an address. This is a way to start your business on a ZERO BUDGET.

70% of mobile users rely on Google maps to find a service/business that can serve their needs, driving calls and text SMS to your home based business.

I will guide you through this process and explain what you need to have a fully optimized, Service based listing on google without all of the hassle of having a retail shop.



Sasha Miller’s Course Includes:

As a member you have full access to this crash course on managing the online reputations of offline businesses.

NOTE: the business listing sites mentioned inside this course are U.S. based so if you live outside the U.S. you’ll need to research the top business listing sites in your country

Mastering Online Reputation Marketing & Management 2.0 Course consists of 2 main parts: 

Step 1: Building 5-Star Reputations

In this module you’ll learn what online reputation is and why it’s so vital to focus on right now.

Successful online companies are well-aware of their reputations; however, many offline companies and local businesses are oblivious to how they are viewed by their customers and prospects on the internet.

Here you’ll learn…

The Theory:

  • how much people actually trust reviews online
  • the difference between Reputation Marketing and Reputation Management (yes, they are different!)
  • how people view good reputations, no reputations and bad reputations online
  • how to find these businesses with negative reputations so you can reach out to them
  • the difference between Referral Marketing and Reputation Marketing
  • the 4 Pillars of Online Reputation Marketing.

The Tasks:

  • keyword-rich reviews and why they’re important for converting more customers
  • Basic keyword research demo to find local service keywords for your clients
  • Why business listing sites are a crucial part of Reputation Marketing
  • Walk-thru on claiming your local business listings
  • How to rank higher in Google Maps (very important for online reputations!)
  • How to optimize a Google+ page listing
  • How to get more reviews & better quality reviews for your clients

Step 2: Managing & Marketing 5-Star Reputations Online

In these videos, you’ll learn how you can make money with online reputation services and I’ll be sharing some awesome ideas that you can use when delivering for your clients. We’ll cover how to choose the best industries to work with, which ones to avoid and common prospect excuses.  I’ll also share a neat little hack if you want to outsource all of it if you don’t want to do it all yourself. And last but not least, I’ll share my companies very own proven Reputation Marketing strategy that built more than 500 5-star reputations online.

I’ve included the most important tasks in effectively building, managing and marketing reputations online…


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