Udemy – Google, Amazon and Youtube Long Tail Keyword On-page SEO [100% off]

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Google, Amazon and Youtube Long Tail Keyword On-page SEO

In this course you’ll learn to perform on page SEO by including the keywords you’d like to rank for in a search in the description content of your Internet product.  You’ll learn to choose long tail keywords in preference to highly competitive keywords and where to place those keywords to optimize your search completion results.

Rather than just teaching you how to rank in Google search results, this course will also show you how to rank in Amazon, Youtube and Udemy search results using the same techniques.

What specifically will you be learning?

1) Use search completion strings to gather long tail keywords for on page SEO.

2) For Google searches, expand your keyword list using the Adwords Keyword Tool.

3) Evaluate the competition for your keywords using a manual process or SEO Quake or KDSpy as appropriate.

4) Use the same technique to select 2 Amazon categories for you book.

5) Apply your keywords using on page SEO augmented with Yoast SEO in the cast of WordPress posts or pages.

The course will conclude with a brief description of off page SEO, or backlink building, but otherwise, that’s it!

If you don’t have on page SEO using long tail keywords nailed then its time to do so.

Please join me in discovering this exciting topic.

See you in the classroom,


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