Udemy – Google Adwords: Create Your First Profitable Campaign Today [100% off]

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Google Adwords: Create Your First Profitable Campaign Today

Course Description

Transform your traffic and sales overnight using Google AdWords!

Follow the 10 steps below to Create Your First Profitable Adwords Campaign Today.

Avoid the most common mistakes and save yourself hundreds of dollars, time and frustration.

Note: You can get a feel for Adwords for free. Payment is required only at the end of the process, so you can all the steps outlines in this course without needing to spend a penny!

Benefits of Google Adwords

  • Instant Results. Drive Targeted Round-The-Clock Traffic to Your Website in Minutes.
  • Highly Targeted. Target by keywords, location, language, time of day & more!
  • Cost Effective. You’ll only pay when someone clicks your ad. Pay per Click (PPC)

10 Steps to Create Your First Profitable Adwords Campaign

You’ll complete the following steps during the course as you set up a real Adwords Campaign:

  1. Define success & Set Up Tracking
  2. Analyze Your PPC Campaign
  3. Have a Congruent Landing Page
  4. Select the Right Campaign Type
  5. Target Your Audience
  6. Determine Your Bids & Budget
  7. Write Effective Ads
  8. Choose Profitable Keywords
  9. Use Advanced Campaign Settings
  10. Measure & Optimise

Don’t risk setting up your first Adwords campaign unassisted. You could lose a lot of money making easy to fix mistakes.

Just click that “take this course” button for your risk free opportunity to create your first profitable Adwords campaign today!


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