Udemy – Goal Setting: Goals: Motivation, Discipline and Persistence [100% off]

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Course Description

Do you feel stuck?

Like maybe you’re busy existing rather than truly living?

Are you merely part of the crowd rather than a unique individual?

Perhaps it’s time to change…

Perhaps it’s as simple as pursuing your passions.

Lecture 2: Goal Setting: Set Achievable, Incremental & Measurable (AIM) Goals

But how about changing all of that… and I mean for the better ;-)?

This is a course about goal setting but the course goes well beyond that by including a detailed discussion of how to achieve your goals through:

Lecture 3: Motivation – Building Momentum

Lecture 4: Discipline – Directed Momentum

Lecture 5: Persistence – Sustained Momentum

Lecture 6: Rinse and Repeat (goto Lecture 2)

Follow the simple techniques outlined in this course to make significant positive progress toward achieving your goals.


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