Udemy – Go Live: Do Great Facebook Live An Hour From Now [100% off]

Go Live: Do Great Facebook Live An Hour From Now

Course Description

The ability to do Live video on Facebook marks a step change in the potential of the platform for business and communication use.

It is truly powerful, and something that anyone remotely interested in conveying a message to others authentically, rapidly and widely should jump on and start to use as soon as possible.

The mechanics of setting up a Facebook Live are astonishingly simple. Have a smartphone/tablet, a Wifi connection and a Facebook account? You can be Live within 3 minutes from now. Do a normal post, press the red video camera icon, click the Live icon, set a title for your post and you’re off to the races,


What to say? And how to say it? And why will it resonate with your audience anyway?

That’s what this course – better termed a training in fact (see below) is all about.

It not only aims to show you step by step how to access the most powerful message and messages you can put out there.

It actually gives you a series of exercises, and access to a closed community within which you can practice and get feedback on your Facebook Live videos.

This is unparalleled value, because ‘Go Live’ will get you great RESULTS, providing you follow the training and exercises.

Within an hour from now, you’ll know how to do a great Facebook Live.

Within a day, you’ll have done the practice to dramatically improve your Facebook Live’ing.

Plus, you’ll be inside a dynamic and friendly community where you’ll learn all manner of tips and tricks.

Enrol now for the Facebook Live of Your Life!


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