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Getting Started On Youtube

Course Description

Have you always wanted to start that YouTube channel, but didn’t know where to start?


Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of running and maintaining a YouTube channel?

This course designed to clear those doubts and guide you through every step needed to get started with your YouTube channel, and go from having nothing to having a fully functional channel that you will be able to continue with after finishing this course.

I have been creating content on YouTube for over three years and am very knowledgeable of the platform as a result of this experience. I know exactly where everything is on the website and what the exact steps are to create a new YouTube channel from scratch due. Over my years on YouTube I have also made many mistakes on the platform which I have learnt from and will pass on to you so that you do not make the same mistakes that I have done and hit then ground running when you start creating your content.

Contained in this course:

  1. Coming up with ideas and knowing why you want to make videos
  2. Creating your first video
  3. Creating your channel and navigating it
  4. Branding your channel and altering its settings
  5. Uploading and Publishing Your Video
  6. Post-Publishing Tips

I will cover these topics very thoroughly and will show you everything that you need to know when you are getting started on YouTube, whether it is with how you should go about recording the audio and video for your first video, to what topic you could do for your first video, to how you put an end-screen or annotations on your video.


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