Udemy – Getting Profitable on eBay Drop Shipping From Scratch [100% off]

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Getting Profitable on eBay Drop Shipping From Scratch

Course Description

This course will help you get started selling on eBay with no further investment, once you start implementing what I teach you’ll be able to have your own home business.

First – we talk about the business model and how does it work, that means everything to do with eBay Drop Shipping and how to do it.

Secondly – We start opening the accounts, if you don’t have eBay account you’ll see exactly how to set it up the correct way.

Then we cover how to find the right sources for products, how to list your items on eBay, optimize them for maximum exposure.

We also talk about how to handle orders, everything from setting up the tracking numbers up to handling your inventory and how to remove the items that are not making as much as you want them to.

Next it’s time to do customer support and get the Top Rated Seller badge, we talk about how to go about and get it.

And lastly we talk about Automation and using other techniques to increase your overall profits.


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