Udemy – Fun Dog Training Workshop to Creating Art with your Dog [100% off]

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Fun Dog Training Workshop to Creating Art with your Dog

Course Description

Do you enjoy training your dog and teaching him/her new skills? Do you want a stronger bond with your dog?

Then this course is for you! Just like you, I am a huge dog lover and, in all honesty, my dog, Athena, is my life. I have professionally worked in the dog training, dog grooming and the veterinary field to give me a well rounded education on man’s best friend.

Together, Athena and I, will show you the step-by-step dog training breakdown on creating an abstract painting with your dog. This course is not only focused on training your dog but on how you can create a stronger bond with your dog through various exercises and while creating your unique painting. This course topic combination will result in not only a painting you can hang in your home but a happier dog that you can now develop a stronger bond with and that trusts you completely.

Don’t worry if you have ZERO painting or dog training knowledge, because 1) your dog will be the one creating the abstract art and 2) I will give you the easy training method needed to teach your dog the awesome confidence for creating the abstract painting. With practice, patience and positive reinforcement training you and your dog will be creating abstract art in no time!

Dogs don’t live a long time compared to humans, so why not train your dog to create abstract artwork you can cherish forever? One thing I know is that this will be a memory for you to remember because WHO do you know paints with their dog? You can now proudly say I DO!

I provide a lot of information in just ONE hour–there are ZERO time fillers in this class–because your time is valuable! Give me just one hour of your attention to show you how to improve the bond with your dog. My job is to not only give you the dog training steps needed for a better relationship with your dog while creating amazing art together but to ensure you succeed with your dog after you complete this course. This course will always be up to date and I check the course at least every 24 hours to answer any questions and/or provide any additional help to any of my students. 

Enroll today in this course, Athena and I are excited to meet you and can’t wait to give you the easiest training guide for you and your dog to start painting together while developing a stronger relationship!


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