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Fractal Geometry in Python

Course Description

This is an introduction to both graphical programming in Python and fractal geometry at an intermediate level.

We learn through coding examples in which you type along with me as we go through examples of fractals created with iteration, recursion, cellular automata, and chaos.

These concepts are implemented in Python using it’s built-in Tkinter and turtle graphics libraries, so no special packages have to be brought in by the user, in fact by the time we are done you could write graphical packages on your own!

By the end of these lectures you will

  • Have the tools to create any graphical object in Python you want
  • Understand and create classical fractals such as the Koch curve, Seirpinski triangle, and Dragon curve
  • Be able to use recursion and iteration in Python functions
  • Use the concept of cellular automata to animate objects in Python by playing Conway’s Game of Life
  • Create islands and coastlines by playing Majority Rule
  • Explore the work of Feigenbaum and learn about deterministic chaos


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