Udemy – First steps to freedom! – the freelancer mindset [100% off]

First steps to freedom! - the freelancer mindset

Course Description

There are so many courses about fast online success for freelancers.
Sorry, but this is not that course.
You will not learn here how to get rich fast.
— — —
But you will learn everything about being a freelancer.
All the ups and downs, all I know about working with clients, all about motivation and time management.
All the knowledge you need to start a happy and balanced freelance life.
I will share all my experience and insights I gathered in the last decade.
— — —
I consider myself successful,
And I believe in sharing my success.
So I will not sugarcoat it: living the freelance life is great and a great challenge.
It can be hard and it can be liberating.
If you want to know, if this course was made for you, I suggest
check out  the lesson Pros and Cons of Freelancing.
If after that you want to live the freelance life,
if you think you have all it takes to become a freelancer,
if you just need a little help,
than yes, take the course!


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