Udemy – Facebook Chat Bot Marketing – How To Use ManyChat [100% off]

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Facebook Chat Bot Marketing - How To Use ManyChat

Want to learn a new marketing tool? Generate more leads, engage more customers, and build your brand? Do you want incredibly high open rate?

Master The New Automated Messenger Marketing Tool

  • Gain followers
  • Build your brand
  • Engage your customers
  • Generate high open- and click through rate
  • Create automated Facebook messages
  • Create an opt-in popup window
  • Build a basic landing page

Start your Messenger Marketing now, while the competition is not too big. Because it’s a new method, very small percentage of businesses use it. A year from now every brand will use it, so you can be a step ahead your competitor.

This is a screencast video series, with useful examples and a swipe file you can copy and paste and create your first Messenger Bot easily.

It doesn’t matter if you have followers, or just start to build them. It doesn’t matter what you sell, or how long you are in the business.

I have an accent. If you don’t like accents, please don’t buy this course. Check it out in my promo and free preview videos before you buy.

Also, it’s an intermediate/advanced course, so if you are a total beginner in marketing or Facebook, start with a basic course, build the foundation then take this course


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