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Course Description

Become aware of the important role your voice plays when talking to clients or customers. Learn how you can improve your natural speaking habits, so that your voice can contribute to workplace success.

Train Your Voice To Improve Verbal Communication At Work With This Speech Training Course:

  • Recognize your body language and tone of voice
  • Learn about the do’s and don’ts when talking on the phone
  • Become aware of the effects of thougth and emotion on the voice
  • Learn exercises for good posture and healthy breathing
  • Empower your voice with speech exercises

Master voice techniques to improve the quality of your professional relationships

Communication is not just about the words you say. By learning voice techniques, you can consciously choose the right tone of voice in any situation, and you will always know how to express yourself to the fullest. Your voice will become a tool in your ability to influence, persuade and negotiate.

Whether you are a consultant or an account manager, owning a small business or working at customer services or sales: speech training can be helpful for anyone doing business.

Content and overview

This course is open for all levels. Within 1 hour and 25 lectures, you will learn to communicate with more decisiveness and expressiveness. To start with, you’ll become aware of the reasons why a good voice is important, and how you and your clients will benefit from improved voice use. You will also learn what defines a good voice.

Then we will look into the specific subject of client contact. You will become aware of the important role body language and tone of voice play during professional interaction, and how they contribute to your message. Since your voice becomes even more important while talking on the phone, we’ve made a seperate lecture about telephone conversations.

In the next chapter you will become aware of the fact that emotions can affect your voice unintentionally, for instance when you’re anxious. Learn to focus on breathing and regulating your thoughts and emotions.

Now we’re halfway through the course, and we will practise basic voice techiques together. We’ll start with exercises for posture and breathing, and move on to speech exercises to improve resonance, volume, articulation, accents, intonation, pace and rhythm. For each technique you can download a pdf file with exercises, so you can practise in your own time as well.

We finish with a bonus chapter about how to take care of your voice in order to avoid damage. A second bonus chapter contains tips to take care of your voice when it’s temporarily hoarse or damaged, due to illness.

After taking this course, you will have a clear idea of your own vocal habits and the ways you can improve. You will have learned basic techniques to train specific aspects of your voice. Keep on practising daily, and your voice will become a powerful tool in enjoyable and rewarding communication with your clients!


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