Udemy – Email Etiquette: Marketing Formula for Sales Communication [100% off]

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Email Etiquette: Marketing Formula for Sales Communication

According to Business Insider, “the average U.S. employee spends about a quarter of his or her time at work combing through the hundreds of emails each employee sends and receives each day “.

But despite the sheer volume of emails we send and receive, many business professionals do not use email appropriately.  Inappropriate email etiquette can negatively impact on salesefficiency and can drive a company’s success or failure.

This course helps you minimise that risk by coaching you in exceptional email etiquette. Learn the secrets to becoming a better marketer and making more money through the use of email.

NOTE: This course has marketing as it’s main priority. If you are looking for day-to-day email communication help with clients & customers, I suggest our other course “Email Etiquette: Back to Basics with Professional Emails”.


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