Udemy – Ditch Your 9 to Five Job? Start here first! [100% OFF]

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Learning to Fly

Christine touches on what it takes before you ditch Your 9 to Five Job

  • Move out of your comfort zones
  • Know and tell your story
  • Test the waters
  • Make your move
  • Have a mentor!
  • The financials
  • Network and communicate
  • Gratitude
  • Feeling and Thinking Getting your product into the hands of the customer
  • Thoughts on TradeShows

About Christine and her online business

Christine and her team specializes in decadently delicious cakes and cheesecakes infused with rum and various spirits, which we might add, are natural preservatives for our products.

Our online bakery is run by a mother-and-daughter team with more than 75 years of baking experience combined. Our goal has always been to fill a niche for upscale, creative cakes, cheesecakes, and cookies of high quality through offering unique products and innovative flavors.


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