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Digital Strategy Formulation: Become a Strategy Consultant

~~~Over 3,150 students enrolled in our courses.~~~ (Updated as of March 2017)

~~~The Digital Strategy methodology we teach to Fortune 500, high-growth companies.~~~

~~~It is not about Digital Marketing. It is much more, it is about Digital Transformation Strategy.~~~

~~~Learn how to formulate your Digital Strategy using examples like Nike or Ikea.~~~

     Our world is becoming increasingly “digital”. This is creating a huge opportunity for any company who wishes to get ahead of the competition and become a leader. In fact, successful leaders are already developing smart strategic digital initiatives to create value and gain a sustainable competitive advantage

Do you want to develop your own Digital Strategy and become a Market Leader too? To do so, you will need a structured and efficient methodology with which to create adequate strategies. During this course, we will explain how to use our methodology to define and implement the right Digital Strategy to reach the key business objectives defined

What are the benefits of this course? It doesn’t matter whether you are the Chief Digital Officer (CDO), a Chief Marketing Officer, a CIO of a multinational company or an SMB (Small Medium Business), a C-Level professional within a company or someone who wants to find a job in the fascinating world of Strategic Planning,… the benefits of this course for you are clear.

  • Are you a CEO or CDO? According to the last “CEO Survey” carried out by consulting company, PwC, “86% of CEO’s say a clear vision of how digital technologies can create competitive advantages is key to the success of their investments”. Within this context, the CEO or Chief Digital Officer should know how to use robust methodologies for the definition and up-dating of the Digital Strategy, to thereby maximize the value of the same to the company. This course will show you how.
  • Are you a C Level professional in a listed company or an SMB? C-Level executives cannot stand to one side regarding initiatives such as big data and analytics, social-media tools and the use of new delivery platforms such as cloud computing and mobility. This course will help you to better understand the planning process of a Digital Strategy so you can be a key active part of its definition and implementation.
  • Are you working or do you want to work in Strategic Planning? It doesn’t matter whether you wish to be a Strategic Consultant or work for McKinsey or for Accenture, this course will help you to better understand the bases of Strategic Planning.

Our Digital Strategy Blueprint will master your strategy skills. We will teach you how to identify and implement Digital strategies to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

Using examples based on leading companies like Nike, Walmart or Ikea, you’ll learn how to analyse market and brand data, formulate your growth framework based on digital capabilities and create the implementation roadmap to achieve the objectives. Ultimately, it is a question of reaching the desired growth and efficiency quotas and to do this quicker than our competitors.

As a final training project and based on our methodology, you will be able to create a comprehensive Digital Strategy for an existing business.

You might think to yourself… ”I have no experience in strategy. How do I drastically increase my value in a short period of time”? You’ll learn from our 20 plus years’ of experience while avoiding our pitfalls.

Will you get specific tips for entrepreneurs/start-ups? Yes. You will be given TIPS FOR START-UPS. They are based on our experience as start-up investors and operating partners.

Will you provide us with specific assets? We’re glad you asked! You’ll gain exclusive access to our very own spreadsheets (digital strategy framework and financial plan).

Learn the Digital Strategy methodology we teach to Fortune 500 companies. If you follow these lessons and take action, we are confident you’ll start to see high-growth of your business. This method works for companies from start-ups, SMB’s and publicly traded companies.

Trust it. It has been designed for organizations who want to achieve growth and high performance.


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