Udemy – Design & Deploy an Enterprise WiFi Network [100% off]

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Design & Deploy an Enterprise WiFi Network

I have designed, installed, and maintained wireless networks for Hotels, Stadiums, Retail Stores, University Campuses, Warehouses, Shopping Malls, & Airports.

I will use my real world experience to teach you how to design a reliable, secure, redundant Wireless Networks for different types of buildings, and different client needs.  I also show you the business aspect of a Wireless Network, allowing you to understand the real cost of designing, implementing, and maintaining it.

This course teaches you:

How to Design & Implement WiFi Networks for different types of buildings (hotels, office buildings, stadiums, retail stores, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, & schools) and businesses

How to Use Fluke AirMagnet to perform Passive & Active Site Surveys

The different components of a Wireless Network (access points, repeaters, switches, routers, controllers, VoIP phones, barcode readers) and what each component does

Different types of Access Points, Antennas, Repeaters, how and their signal coverage varies

Where to place Switches, Routers, and Access Points in a building, especially in large buildings

Security risks associated with Wireless Networks, common and uncommon attacks, and how to keep the network Secure

How to Design a Redundant Wireless Network

How to Design & Install outdoor Wireless Networks

Deploying a multi-site Wireless Network

Deploying Voice Over Wireless LAN

Understand the business aspects of designing, installing, and maintaining a Wireless Network, and the costs associated with the network

Applications that benefit from, or rely on, Wireless Networks (Guest WiFi, Voice Over WLAN, Premium WiFi, Location-Based Services, Inventory Management)

Practical construction tips when dealing with existing structures, new construction, government buildings & hospitals,


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