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deSchool Your Emails

A huge amount of messengers and social networks makes on-line communication even more accessible and unlocks new doors. But often we lose opportunities (business partnership, promotion, salary raise) because of incorrect wording or inability to communicate in a concise manner the essence of our offer, or what is even worse, we sound indifferent, arrogant and neglectful with regard to our readers. We forget that on the other side of the screen is an alive person with their hopes and dreams, plans and intentions, problems and fears.

And still many people continue writing boring ‘pleases find attached’ and ‘kindly be advised’, creating even bigger emotion distance between them and their readers. You may be thinking: “Well, it’s just an email.” And do not bother much to make a real difference with your emails when dealing with clients, investors or networking.

But effective business emailing can be a missing key ingredient and a real game changer for those who want to succeed.

After this course you will become an educated reader-focused emailer, who:

  • is proficient in crafting easy-to-read engaging emails
  • writes in a conversational style with the focus on reader’s needs
  • words sentences modernly, avoiding old-fashioned cliches, apologetic and redundant phrases
  • develops concise messages by using plain expressions
  • crafts compelling subject lines
  • optimizes polite language, eliminating approval seeking behavior
  • uses power words to show confidence and commitment
  • emphasis important ideas and de-emphasizes unimportant ones
  • understands the impact that a great email can have on doing business
  • and much more!

The crucial factor here is your willingness to take the first step, one your mind to the world and new experience, become more mindful!


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