Udemy – Cyber Security Operations and Technology Solutions [100% OFF]


Students of this course will gain practical knowledge while learning the art and science of cyber security operations and the tools of the trade. When a cyber security incident occurs, it is important to know what response actions are necessary. This course is covers typical incident response phases, critical factors affecting the effectiveness of incident handling, incident severities and prioritization, practical (real-world) incident response examples, as well as key elements of incident response services as offered by specialist external incident responders. We also cover the concept of defense in depth (DiD) and take a deep dive into its practical application. Digital assets require multiple layers of defense around them in order to reduce the risk of successful compromise. Students will be introduced to different DiD domains and corresponding security technology products that can be leveraged to thwart possible attacks against every layer of defense. Upon completion, students with the right background, desire and motivation will be ready to work as a SOC analyst and start adding value from their very first day on the job!


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