Udemy – Cyber Security: From Enthusiast to Analyst [100% OFF]


This course teaches students the fundamentals of cyber security and why it has become such an important field. Just as every organization needs physical security guards to protect its premises and other prized physical assets, every 21st century organization needs cyber security practitioners to adequately protect its information systems and other digital assets that are used to drive its business. In this course, we will examine how cyber security activities support the business objectives of organizations in eight (8) different industry verticals. Among other things, we will discuss career opportunities, possibilities, and professional certifications while introducing students to key elements that determine the effectiveness of any cyber security program. Additionally, the student will learn about cyber adversaries and enterprise defenders. Effective threat and vulnerability management is arguably the best tool in the enterprise defender’s arsenal. Through six (6) real-world data breach case studies, student will learn from mistakes of victim organizations and become highly informed as to the most effective ways to reduce the likelihood of a successful cyber attack. Among other things, we will take a deep dive into cyber threat modeling and vulnerability management lifecycle. Upon completion of this course, your enthusiasm about cyber security might just lead to a fulfilling career. How much do you want that to happen?


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