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udemy course - creative thinking

Creativity isn’t born, it’s cultivated

In today’s ever-growing and changing world, creativity is no longer optional. In fact, it’s absolutely essentialfor your success in the modern world. Mastering your creative thinking will help you to reach new heights in your career, your business, your art, finances and in your relationships with others.

Responding to the challenges of the twenty-first century – with its complex environmental, social and economic pressures – requires young people to be creative, innovative, enterprising and adaptable, with the motivation, confidence and skills to use critical and creative thinking purposefully.

This includes combining parts to form something original, sifting and refining ideas to discover possibilities, constructing theories and objects, and acting on intuition. The products of creative endeavour can involve complex representations and images, investigations and performances, digital and computer-generated output, or occur as virtual reality.

Imagine for a moment how this could change your life. If you don’t like where some aspect of humanity is going, imagine if you could do something amazing about it.

Most of us are not natural creative thinkers. Telling oneself and the team ‘to be creative’ does not usually yield results. Some special techniques are required to help us use our brains in a different way – to change our usual thinking process. The issue with creative thinking is that almost by definition any idea that has not already been examined is going to sound crazy. But a good solution will probably sound crazy – at first. Unfortunately, that’s why we often won’t put it forward.

Why take this Course?

From the linear to the intuitive, this course details ingenious creative-thinking techniques for approaching problems in unconventional ways. This course will equip you with a ‘tool-box’, introducing you to a selection of behaviours and techniques that will augment your innate creativity.

Through fun and thought-provoking exercises, illustrated strategies, and inspiring real-world examples you’ll learn how to create original ideas that will improve your personal life and your business life.

What you’ll learn in this course:

·         Understand what creative thinking techniques are

·         Develop your own, new, creativity techniques

·         Make your ideas take shape in the real world

·         Use high-impact, creativity techniques

·         Tap into your most original thinking, regularly and on demand

·         Make new connections in your mind that result in amazing ideas

·         Brainstorm, analyze and evaluate innovative ideas and solutions

·         Unlock creative solutions and skills of which you were previously unaware

·         Learn how to apply the methods and tools to generate ideas for improving areas of your own performance

·         Empower your team’s creative process


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