Udemy – Create Professional Stylized Videogame Assets [100% off]

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Create Professional Stylized Videogame Assets

Course Description

In this course, we will go through the process of creating an asset for real time rendering, using amazing tools, such as Maya 2017, Zbrush 4r7, and more.

What you will learn in this course:

We will learn to model a proxy or base mesh inside Maya 2017, and get it ready for the sculpting process. After that, we’ll sculpt the asset inside zBrush by using different techniques. In this course, you’ll learn simple but effective ways to bring assets to the next level. Next will be the retopology process, which will be done inside Maya 2017 with it’s awesome quad draw tool. Having done the low poly version of the asset, we’ll be ready to UV unwrapp it and bake all the high detail we sculpted previously into Normal, Ambient Oclussion and Curvature maps. Last but not least, you’ll learn different techniques to start a color map, and how to paint by hand stylized textures, which will give an awesome look to the asset. You will also learn how to really quickly deal with the gloss and albedo map efficiently. At that point, we’ll be ready to preview the final asset inside Marmoset Toolbag to give it the final look.

By mastering all the techniques seen in this course, you’ll be able to create high quality, industry standard videogame ready assets, either for your dayjob or a personal project, this course will teach you great techniques to bring your modeling, sculpting, texture painting and look development to the next level.

You’ll learn tips and tricks to accelerate your workflow, create awesome game-ready assets and become a better artist.

So please, take this course now.


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