Udemy – Yoga & Meditation :A beginner’s guide to Indian Spirituality [100% off]

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Yoga & Meditation :A beginner's guide to Indian Spirituality

Course Description

Yoga is very old concept of knowledge and practice in India. It is also the most talked about and yet most confused. Have you ever wondered on your ways to be spiritual? Hatha Yoga is good for the body, but are you really comfortable with it? What are different forms of Yoga or different ways to achieve self – realization? How can I start meditating? If these are your questions, then this course is for you.

Learn the basics of Hatha Yoga and its components including Asanas, ShatKarma, Pranayamas. Know the different ways you can do Bhakti. There will be a highlight on Karma Yoga and Jnana or Gyan Yoga. You would also know some fundamental Raja Yoga concepts.

Apart from these there will be talk on meditation, including a Trataka stage, and meditation with mantra.

After finishing this course, you would be able to appreciate different yoga forms even better. You would be able to start meditation on your own, all in the Indian Spiritual way.


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