Udemy – WordPress Basics to Business: Share and Sell your Expertise [100% off]

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Course Description

This course is for anyone who wants to learn WordPress basics, but especially for teachers, coaches and other professionals who want to share their knowledge/experience/expertise, take appointment bookings and/or sell their own downloadable digital products (ebooks, graphics, music, etc.)

There are 6 main sections:

  1. Setup and configuration
  2. How to use WordPress 2016 (mini crash course)
  3. How to give your site a unique look and feel
  4. How to take and sell appointment bookings (online lessons, consultations, professional appointments, etc.)
  5. How to set up an ebook or other digital download store on your site
  6. How to boost traffic and engagement

I will take you from zero to hero in less than four hours.

Let me me just deal with a couple of common objections.

COMMON OBJECTION 1: “I’m not very tech-savvy.”

Well, just a few years ago I wasn’t either. In fact, I don’t come from a technical background. I learnt what I needed to know on my own and through working with professional developers. Which is why I’m confident that once you’ve completed this course you’ll have more than enough knowhow to build your own unique, professional-looking website from scratch.

COMMON OBJECTION 2: “I have a very limited budget. It must cost a bit of money to build such a website, right?”

Setting up a powerful website with the tools I’m  going to show you requires very minimal upfront costs. In fact this how much you’ll need as a minimum:

  • around $100/year for hosting
  • around $15/year domain name registration ($18 /2 years)

And if you’re going to have an appointment booking and payment service integrated with your site, you’ll need $10/month (although there’s a 14-day free trial).

And that is it. I may mention a few modestly-priced addons or services that will enhance your site, but that’s the bare minimum.

If your budget is below this then you won’t benefit from the business sections of the site, although you’ll find lots of useful WordPress and marketing tools and tips in the other sections. Also, to use the e-commerce tools, you’ll need to sign up for a Paypal business account, which I walk you through in section 4. So make sure that Paypal supports your country.

If you meet the above requirements and if you’re ready to learn new tools and skills to diversify your income then you’ll derive full benefit from the course.

Just click the ‘Take this course’ button to begin. And remember, Udemy offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason.


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