Udemy – The Holy Grail of Auto Trading Forex Futures Stocks Revealed [100% off]

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The Holy Grail of Auto Trading Forex Futures Stocks Revealed

Course Description

Breakthrough course reveals exactly how to generate profits trading from any market conditions… automatically.

About the course
This course walks you through a brand new approach to trading and autotrading that 99% of all traders have never seen.

Find The Holy Grail
Discover Dynamic Multiple System Trading …which is being called the “Holy Grail of Trading & Autotrading”.

Shocking Stats About Your Trading
New discovery reveals that a lack winning strategies is the number one problem plaguing traders today. This video gives you the cure.

New: “Psychic” Strategy Cycling
Discover how to turn any strategy (even terrible strategies) into a winning strategy… that keeps on winning…  in all market conditions… based on this simple approach!


We are five guys who have been programming trading systems under our corporate name of Quantitative Technologies LLC, for hedge funds and private equity firms for the past 15 years. We mostly develop algorithmic systems that are autotraded with a quantitative focus.

Being Americans, we can’t trade for ourselves because of conflict of interest and insider trading kind of restrictions.

So this year, we decided NOT to renew any of our contracts…

because we want to trade for ourselves.

So here’s the deal…

we are going take all the concepts we used for hedge funds…

and rework them so we can use it for our own personal trading.

And, we’re inviting a few traders to join us on this journey.


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