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Course Description

A simple guide to be a photographer is an entry course for you to start shooting a great photo as well as editing photos like a professionals

A simple guide to be a photographer Cover the following topics

1 – A simple guide about how to use DSLR Camera

2 – Which lens you should buy?

3 – What is the Basic and Creative mode of the DSLR camera

4 – How to set the right Exposure

5 – What is Rule of third ?

6 – Editing Photos using GIMP ( a free software )

A simple guide to be a photographer is about 30 Min course that will take you to the next level of photography

In a simple guide to be a photographer you will understand the Following Keywords :

1 – Lens type ( UltraWide lens – Wide lens – Standard lens – Macro lens – etc )

2 – Exposure ( Shutter speed – Aperture – ISO )

3 – Basic mode ( fully automated – Portrait – Night – Sport – etc )

4 – Creative mode ( Manual – AV – TV – etc )

5 – Editing Photos ( Contrast – Saturation – Brightness – sharpness )

The material of the course contain : Video lectures and Articles

This course is for Photography hobbyists that will take you to a next level of Photography all you need to do is installing GIMP which is a free software under Linux, Windows or MAC operating system and take the course

you can ask me about anything in the course anytime

A special thanks for incompetech for providing Dream Culture Music which I use in the promotional video and some lectures


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