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Pixel art for Video games

Course Description

Imagine how cool your game would look in pixel art! Stop imagining!

==== UPDATED 14th of January ==== *NEW SECTION* – Hud elements
A new section has been added that shows you a quick way to create hud elements. Buttons, dialogs, title bars and more.

In this course I’ll use my 10+ years of experience to teach you all you need to know to start making your own pixel art. You’ll go from zero to full speed in no time with simple exercises that will teach you the foundations as well as advanced concepts that help give your pixel art creations that professional look.

Featuring over 6 hours of footage, you’ll be able to follow step by step as I take you through the creation of some really cool pixel art!

You’ll learn:

  • Configuring Photoshop to draw in pixel art
  • Drawing lines and smooth shapes, such as circles
  • Shading and texture
  • The use of outlines

And once you get these concepts settled, you’ll learn:

  • Creating tiles and adding detail to tilled images
  • Creating sprites while using a tile grid
  • Creating tiles in the style of top-down RPG games
  • Creating some medieval style hud elements

You’ll also:

  • create a CHARACTER
  • and ANIMATE it within minutes!

*** UPDATE ***

A new section has just been added that will teach you to create terrain tiles in the style of classic role playing games.

As a bonus round you’ll get a chance to create a unity project and actually see your character move and jump around on the screen just like if it was in your video-game

Take this course now and you will see your pixel art skill skyrocket!


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