Udemy – Master Instant Personality Profiling in 1 Hour [100% off]

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Master Instant Personality Profiling in 1 Hour

Course Description

This is an informative, interactive and interesting short online course on personality profiling.

Course Benefits:

The course covers birthdate analyses of Numbers 1 to 9. It teaches participants a simple and reliable tool to use to ‘read’ a person with a high degree of accuracy based on a tried-and-tested ancient Science of Numbers practiced for thousands of years. The instructor reveals what our inborn gifts are based on our birthdays and guide participants toward choosing the most suitable career paths. Numerology can be a compass guiding us to a life more purpose driven and meaningful.

The course include some basic terminology of Numerology but this is kept to a minimum.

Methodology: Lecture, teaching videos, celebrity chart for case study, Q & A and discussion.

Who Will Benefit:

This course will benefit people in HR, sales and marketing, insurance, management, teaching, training and counseling.


It is a Beginner’s course in Numerology and suitable for anyone wishing to learn profiling as a tool for better decision-making and to improve interpersonal relationship skills at the workplace.


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