Udemy – Lean Masterclass: Save Time and Money at Work and in Life! [100% off]

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Lean Masterclass: Save Time and Money at Work and in Life!

Course Description

The Lean Masterclass is a course devoted to teaching students the Practices, Principles, and Tools of Lean.  These tools will save the Students Time, Money, and Create Value for your customers by Maximizing Value while Minimizing Waste!

Tens of Thousands of companies implement Lean every day saving TRILLIONS of dollars and hundreds of years of time every year.  I want to show you how you can tap into Lean and make it save Time and Money for YOU!

The Lean tools can be used to improve on ANY process throughout your life, from doing laundry more efficient to producing Udemy videos efficiently.  Lean tools can improve upon any process you throw at it.

The course is based around a series of talking head style lectures where I walk you through the various aspects of Lean.

I ask that you begin the course by selecting a process in your life you look to improve, as you progress through the course it is best if you fill out the A3 problem solving sheet to improve your process.  By the end of the course you will have found many ways to look at your process and make it more efficient.


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