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Course Description

If you’re a passionate interviewee, estimation case is the most common question type during interviews. Big fish like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Morgan Stanley and even Google – count on marking sizing or estimation case style questions to choose business analysts and associates.

If you’re a dedicated business owner with a promising product, you most likely can’t wait to show it to your customers. But before you go into “sales mode,” you should take a moment to estimate your potential market size, because market sizing can be a necessary part of marketing planning and budgeting for all entrepreneurs, especially those who look for third-party funding such as venture capital.

If you’re an executive in a corporate function, you definitely look for an effective market sizing formula, because the results can answer your strategic questions, like should I enter this particular market? Should I increase our investment in this product?

Learn the basic rules for achieving a logical, professional, and compelling educated guess. In this training program, Simon Richardson covers estimation technique essentials in way that won’t get you bogged down in the details or feel overwhelmed.

Simon offers expert advice on industrial background, macro drivers, insight, and framework to solve any estimation case.

This course is designed for those with little to no knowledge about estimation, so if you want to have a peak and find out what the marketing sizing or estimations are all about, then this is a superb course to start with.

In this program, we’ll begin with a grand tour through different industries at the beginning of each section, we’ll classify companies into industrial groupings according to similar production processes, similar products, or similar behavior in stock markets. Then we’ll take a look at ways you can get going quickly by using our unique and powerful framework to estimate the value in each industry.

Cases include:

  • How many gas stations are needed in Germany?
  • Estimate paint used on iPhone worldwide
  • How many people fly in and out of O’Hare International Airport
  • Ticket revenue of Barcelona FC in a single season
  • Market value for BMW vehicles in Mongolia
  • Market value of Luis Vuitton women bags in Shanghai in a year
  • High-end bespoke suits market size in China per annum
  • Value of digital magazines for men in US
  • Market size for bottle beer consumed in Japan per annum
  • How many red delicious apple sold in US each year?
  • Market value for diabetes treatment in Canada
  • How much UnitedHealth would pay in taxes each year?
  • Annual advertising revenue of Spotify
  • Value of SMSs in Thailand per annum
  • Market size of Tesla Powerwall in the United States

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