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Designers Guide to Web Development

Course Description

As a web designer, you often end up being the project manager or “Architect” of a website that you are designing. The only problem is that most designers don’t fully understand the development process or the technologies necessary to build the site. If you are have experienced this. Or perhaps you are just interested in learning what goes into building a website. Then this course is for you. Over the lessons of this course, I will give you the knowledge you need to successfully plan, architect and deploy a full website.

There is no magic necessary. You certainly do not need a computer science degree. All you need is some key concepts and understanding of the technologies used in today’s web environment and by the end of this course you will have this knowledge.

I start you off with some of the key concepts of successful web design. I know you are probably thinking that you got that design thing down and I don’t want to impugn your abilities in any way. I am sure you know how to make things look good but do you know what makes a website successful? Do you know what will get your customers more sales? The concepts that I will teach you will do just that.

I start you off by going over user interfaces and user experience and explain why these concepts really matter. I then get into some of the rules of good web design and even go over some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid making them. I then finish off the key concepts by going over that all too important subject of getting high up on the search page results.

Next, I go over web security and how it has become a major topic of discussion and concern for anyone involved with Internet technologies.

The last section goes over all of the technologies that make up websites and applications. By the end of this course, you will know just enough about all of the main technologies used today to be able to walk and talk with the big boys. You will be able to work with developers and know if they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes or if they are telling you the truth.

All of this will give you the necessary skills to see a web design project from concept all the way to completion and have your customers jumping for joy and referring you to their friends and colleagues.


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