Udemy – Create & Sell An Online Course: From Beginner to Expert [100% off]

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Create & Sell An Online Course: From Beginner to Expert

Course Description

Course last updated:April 2016

Unleash your inner entrepreneurial spirit and discover how to create & sell your very own online course within the next 6 weeks!

Follow along right over my shoulder as I take you step-by-step inside of my $250,000 per year online course business.

Allow me to ask you a few honest questions:

  1. Do you want to create your own financial freedom that is possible with the new ‘online course craze’ that’s happening?
  2. Are you tired of working for someone else and making them rich instead of working on your own life/business?
  3. Do you have a burning desire to share your knowledge and expertise with the world, but just aren’t sure how to get started and how to go about the process?
  4. Would you like 1 on 1 guidance from someone who has been successfully creating and selling online courses for the last 5 years?

If you answered YES to any of those questions – then this is the PERFECT program for you.

You aren’t just joining an online course – you are joining a community & a family.

Here’s a little piece of what we’ll be going over in the next few weeks…

You will uncover the exact methods and strategies I use to:

  • Find a highly profitable topic with a starving audience who is begging for more content
  • Map out my entire course syllabus with helpful templates and outlines (Downloadable documents that you have access to!)
  • Create high-definition training videos that exceed the expectations of my students and bring them back begging for more
  • Transform my boring videos into a masterpiece by creating & adding 3 simple things to each video
  • Gather thousands of students on a monthly basis on complete autopilot
  • Leverage 3rd party platforms to grow my own website to a mid six figure business
  • Create a beautifully optimized personal website absolutely free*
  • Craft the perfect system that turns small buyers into high paying customers
  • Execute marketing blueprints that send thousands of visitors to my website on a weekly basis

So if you’re motivated, hungry and determined to bettering your life with your very own online course business, then hurry up and register for this program & join our community channel to introduce yourself!

I can’t wait to help you better your life.


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