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Course Description

 “This course is not sponsored or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.” .

This course is about saving time, frustration and heartache when producing a Udemy course. Foe anyone who has already created a course on Udemy, you know what I’m talking about.

The key is to be organised, to understand all the different facets of producing a course, the planning the course structure, what to include and almost more importantly what to exclude. Then you need to decide on the presentation formats – is it all talking head, maybe screen capture, white board animation or a mixture of all of these. Once the decision is made, what hardware and software is needed.

Then there are the files. Every course generates many many files and many are pretty bloated.

So how can a mind map help? Well when it comes to a visual representation of lots and lots of information – with a single access point – then mind mapping is king.

What is also very cool is that students will not only learn how to mind map but will also get a crash course in an awesome piece of free software. The crash course could be a Udemy course on it’s own but here it’s bundled into the complete dashboard course.

Whilst the course is geared around creating a dashboard for the creation of a Udemy course (because it fits so well) but actually the dashboard can be used for any video production or a production of any kind where you need all the information at your fingertips.

Students will be amazed by how amazing mind mapping can be for organisation and productivity… no more searching for the elusive file you created last week – or that great web link that you forgot to bookmark.

The course is short and sharp … back to back it could be completed in a few hours. I would suggest you take it a little slower and try out on your own copy of Xmind each of the stages of the course.

You will need no prerequisite skills, just a computer or device to do the course, a bit of imagination and a yearning for learning.


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