Udemy – Beginning Anger Management for Investors and Professionals! [100% off]

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Beginning Anger Management for Investors and Professionals!

Course Description

Study This or Die Alone and Unloved!

Your angry uncontrolled screaming, breaking, hitting, backstabbing, negativity, venting, rage-against-the-machine, chattiness, bullying, chatiness, and gossip are killing your mental, social, and physical health.

We are here to show you another way. Anger can be managed and we have proven this fact to be so.

I am Dr. Scott Brown, I am a finance professor at a major state university. I hold a Ph.D. in finance from the Darla Moore School of Business of the University of South Carolina.

Dr. Joel Wade is a clinical psychologist, family therapist, and a national wellness speaker. Joel holds a Ph.D. in psychology.

This course gives you a clear path for reprogramming your brain to become a softer and more gentler you in your not-as-distant-as-you-may-think future. The applications of these methods have given Dr. Brown significant relief from problems arising from uncontrolled angry outbursts. Every step is backed by research from top universities in the field of psychology.

  • My husband is much more controlled and calm under stressful situations. I am much happier with this calmer version of Scott.” -Marisol Brown

Enroll now if you are serious about kicking your bad anger habits.

Your time-bomb is ticking. Every second you hesitate from enrolling in this course to heal your unhealthy anger responses increases your odds of heart attack, stroke, estrangement, divorce, or incarceration.

  • Enjoy a 30 day third party money back guarantee from Udemy.

Enroll now before it is too late! -Dr. Scott Brown

Assistant professor of finance of the AACSB Accredited Graduate School of Business of the University of Puerto Rico.

P.S. You’d be surprised at the inmates on death row who did not premeditate what got them there. Enroll now!

P.P.S. Take this course for the peace of mind of those you love. Click that enrollment button up there to enroll right now.


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