Udemy – Comprehensive Essential Japanese for Beginners [100% off]

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Comprehensive Essential Japanese for Beginners

Course Description

This course is about polite beginner level Japanese with distinct emphasis on correct and natural sounding speech.

We take great care to address and explain all the tiny differences between various words and particles which is a big thing in Japanese but it’s being ignored in most modern courses and textbooks.

The English used in this course is basic and casual so even if you’re not native speaker you should be just fine. You don’t need to be expert in anything to understand the content of this course.

The course is mainly text-showing videos so that you get to both hear and see the words we’re teaching you so that you remember everything better. Not much of a face-cam through out the course.

We provide ANKI flashcards which you can download for each unit. This way you can review the vocab at your own convenience either on your PC, laptop, or even phone.

You can complete the course in 2 to 4 weeks depending how many units a day you do. There is 25 units (17 min each give or take).

You should take this course if you’re looking for a natural sounding Japanese, that was approved by native Japanese speakers!


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