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Writing Basics:How to Become A Writer

Course Description

At times, it helps to think of writing as carpentry. That way, writers and editors can work from a plan and use tools
stored on their workbench. You can borrow a writing tool at any time. And here’s a secret: Unlike hammers, chisels,
and rakes, writing tools never have to be returned. They can be cleaned, sharpened, and passed on.

As you study and discuss these, please remember:
· These are tools and not rules. They work outside the realm of right and wrong, and inside the world of
cause and effect. You will find many examples of good writing that seem to “violate” the general advice described here.
· It will not help to apply these tools at once, just as aspiring golfers swing and miss if they try to
remember the 30 or so different elements of an effective golf swing.
· You will become handy with these tools over time. You will begin to recognize their use in the stories
you read. You will see chances to apply them when you revise your own work. Eventually, they will become
part of your flow, natural and automatic.
· You are already using many of these tools without knowing it. It is impossible to speak, write, or read
without them. But now these tools have names, so you can begin to talk about them in different ways. As your
critical vocabulary grows, your writing will improve.

  • This course is suitable for: Undergraduates, Post Graduate Students,Entrepreneurs,People from any country,
  • This course is suitable for :Those who want to write fictional or non fictional writings such as Essays,Articles,Stories for publication,Editorial columns , feature film or short movie stories.

Through this course you will:

  • Learn the writing basics
  • Learn how to eliminate writer’s prompts.have a glimpse on writing process
  • fear not the long sentences
  • Learn the essential tools for great non fictional or fictional writing.
  • Learn the advanced exercises for great fictional or non fictional writing

What are the requirements?

  • No need of prior knowledge.
  • Interest tyo learn and take action.
  • Time and commitment.
  • Basic knowledge of the subject.
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