Udemy – WordPress For Beginners – Learn By Building 4 Websites [100% off] Worth $97!

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Course Description

This course is a beginners wordpress course. I believe that the best way for beginners to learn anything is by doing. Therefore, in this course we’re going to build multiple websites. We are going to focus on building with at least three free wordpress themes, and one paid one on the courses initial for websites. I do intend to add at least one or maybe even two additional website tutorials for students that will both help to keep the course up to date, but also will add extra value for the students as well. I will be open to student suggestions on which type of wordpress site to build for the extra site(s).

This course is structured to take students from knowing absolutely nothing to being completely comfortable working within the wordpress dashboard. Students will start with registering a hosting account and domain name with my optional affiliate code. This code will give students the ability to dive in at a reduced price and try it out to see if it’s something they’re interested in. The cost of the domain name and one cent (for the first month) hosting package is about $12 total in addition to the cost of the course itself. I believe it’s an easy decision to make when websites often sell for at least $500+ to people who have no idea how to make changes when they need to. This course gives you the power to be able to make changes to any wordpress theme you use confidently.

Additionally the optional paid theme within the course does cost money as well. That price fluctuates anywhere from $60-90 for the theme cost. I mainly use this website to show the differences between free and paid themes. Additionally, you can find out what works best for your budget, and fully grasp how wordpress really works without needing to purchase the premium paid theme!

The course completion time depends largely upon the student. I believe that it’s best to go through the first website entirely, and then decide which website to move on to next. Again, it is largely up to the student and what they want to get out of this course.

I strongly suggest you take this course because there are simply no other courses out there like it. We go step by step while making multiple websites come to life. It has over 75 lectures and over 7 hours of content in the course! I also offer free previews of the websites that we’ll make within the course and have lessons involving plugin setup that students simply will not find in other courses.


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