Udemy – Viral Marketing – How I Get 100,000 Views Monthly On My Site [100% off] Worth $199!

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Course Description

Over 1000 new students within 24 hours – viral success!

See what students are saying –

“Want to make PASSIVE income aka money while SLEEPING? Look no more! Rohan, the teacher, not just pours all his knowledge in short digestible lessons but he also gives outstanding and FAST support. THIS course is my focus of 2016!

Ever wondered how websites like Buzzfeed, Viral Nova and Upworthy manage to get so much traffic? At the end of this course you will have all the tools and techniques required to get 100,000+ monthly visitors to your website. You will learn how to leverage these visitors in order to make huge figures $$. Learn and master the methods that top digital marketers use to go viral on the internet. This course is deigned for both beginners as well as professionals. Get response to all your queries INSTANTLY!

All you require is some basic knowledge about WordPress. There is nothing to buy or pay for. Everything shown in this course is for FREE (if there is something paid then a free alternative is shown as well).

Things you will learn from this course –

  1. The best way to create compelling titles
  2. The right places to find viral content on the internet for FREE
  3. How to get the best themes that users will love
  4. How I manage to get so much traffic, every single month
  5. A secret to ranking on the first page of Google without following those tedious SEO strategies
  6. The most effective way to drive traffic from Facebook
  7. How I got over 13,000 shares on one of my post
  8. How to grow your Pinterest profile + get A LOT of visitors every month
  9. Decoding the success to my viral Pin on Pinterest
  10. Secrets about Twitter marketing that digital marketers hide from you
  11. How to get thousands of visitors from Reddit & Stumble Upoon
  12. How to make A LOT of money from your viral website

and much more!

Structure of this course –

SECTION 1: Introduction

SECTION 2: How To Set Up Your Viral Website With WordPress

SECTION 3: How To Generate Viral Content That People Would Want To Click

SECTION 4: How To Drive Insane Amount Of Traffic With Facebook

SECTION 5: How Pinterest Can Generate Automatic Viral Traffic Every Month

SECTION 6: How To Use Reddit & Stumble Upon To Drive A lot Of Traffic

SECTION 7: How To Leverage Twitter To Direct Visitors To Your Website

SECTION 8: How To Leave Google No Choice But To Rank Your Website On Their First Page

SECTION 9: How To Monetise With Your Viral Website – Make Limitless Profits

If you want to know all the tips and tricks required to go viral, Click Take This Course and start your remarkable journey now.

Every second is a chance to turn your life around.


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