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Course Description

Never Say DIEt, LIVE It!

If you are looking for a diet to help you lose a huge amount of weight, this may or may not be the course for you. However, if you are looking for a sustainable meal plan to help you lose/maintain your weight and fight off the risk of health issues, you’re in the right place. This course stresses nutrition and health over weight loss.

What I am teaching here can help you lose weight, based on the concepts of the Mediterranean Diet, but more importantly, I’m going to show you how I use what I call the Mediterranean Meal Plan to help maintain a healthy weight and cut the risks of major health issues. I didn’t just study this and decide to teach it, I started LIVING it first, then decided to share it with others.

I Am Living Proof That It Works

In the past, I have had a history of health issues (see the free preview of My Story in the curriculum below). It started with Type 2 Diabetes which lead to weight gain. The weight gain led to High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. In 2014, I had contracted an infection because my immune system was weakened by all these other factors.

Long story short, I dodged the grim reaper, but I learned that I needed to be more conscious of my health. Today, after a LOT of effort, and thanks to the Mediterranean Meal Plan, my blood sugar is below the diabetic level, and my weight, blood pressure and cholesterol are all in the “normal” ranges.

It Can Work For You, Too!

Now, everyone is different, but for the most part I believe that everyone can find some benefit to following this plan. I can’t make any guarantees, unfortunately, and this will require dedication on your part that only you can guarantee, but if you adopt this plan and start living it like I do, it certainly can’t hurt.

Language Note – The dialogue for every lecture is included as a text file so you can download and run through a translator.


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