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Course Description

Good sleep is vital for health and happiness. Many people get stuck in a poor-sleep cycle and don’t know how to free themselves from it.

This course teaches you how to make key changes to your sleep behaviors, your thinking, and your lifestyle that will transform your sleep in a matter of days or weeks.


I’ve spent the last decade as a psychologist teaching people how to conquer insomnia, anxiety, and problematic stress.

Some of my clients have had these problems for years. The skills I teach them are effective and powerful—and they get results.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • 6 simple behaviors that will radically improve your sleep
  • How to stop your mind from racing in bed
  • How to make your bed a cue for sleep
  • 5 simple ways to reduce or eliminate worry about sleep (or anything else)
  • How to drink coffee/energy drinks and still sleep like a baby
  • How to get great sleep without medication
  • How to manipulate light and darkness for better sleep
  • How to use exercise to sleep like a log
  • The truth about 5 common sleep myths that cause huge anxiety
  • 3 effective techniques to reduce stress and sleep better
  • 7 ways sleeping pills worsen sleep
  • How to drink alcohol without destroying your sleep
  • How to create the optimal sleep environment
  • Why herbal remedies are a waste of money and how you can get great sleep naturally
  • Foods to avoid for optimal sleep
  • Expert advice from a psychologist with over a decade of experience treating insomnia, anxiety, and stress
  • How to maintain good sleep for the long-term

Not only am I an insomnia specialist – I experienced insomnia myself. I know how frustrating it is to not be able to sleep and to feel powerless over it.

At the time, my expertise was anxiety and stress, not sleep.

So I read every book I could on beating insomnia and improving sleep. I studied the top sleep programs in the country. Then applied this knowledge to my own sleep.

In six weeks,my insomnia was cured!

In this course, I teach everything I did.

Will it work for you? The techniques are based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT-I) – proven to be themost effective non-drug treatment for chronic insomnia. And it works for mild sleep problems too!

The techniques are powerful, simple-to-use, and will transform your sleep.

Life brings stress, anxiety, and events that disturb sleep. In response, many of us adopt behaviors thatshort-term “help” but actually worsen sleep and trap us in a cycle of sleeplessness difficult to break.

This course will free you from this pattern.

By adopting simple but powerful behaviors, beliefs, and lifestyle changes, you’ll be able to:

Wake up feeling rested, alert, energetic, and calm.

Improve concentration and focus.

Sleep deeply, soundly, and effortlessly.

Feel happier (good sleep improves mood!).

Function at an optimal level.

Be more effective at work and school.

Greatly reduce or eliminate worry/anxiety.

Significantly reduce stress.

Gain confidence in your ability to sleep, and sleep well.

ALL of these amazing benefits are the result of consistent, sound sleep – as important to health and happiness as food, water, and oxygen.

How does this course differ from other sleep courses? There are many books/courses on how to improve sleep, but most, if not all, neglect a major factor: worry (anxiety).

Many things can trigger poor sleep. But what keeps it in place is worry and anxiety.

You may worry that:

  • You won’t fall asleep
  • You’ll be up all night
  • You won’t be able to function
  • You’ll never get over this sleep problem
  • There’s something wrong with you
  • You’ll feel terrible the next day
  • You lack control over your mind and body
  • You’ll get into a car accident
  • You won’t be productive or successful

Or you may worry about your job, school, relationships, life, or health.

These worries are common. But worry (anxiety) is the ENEMY of sleep.

This course teaches you how to reduce or eliminate worry/anxiety that’s destroying your sleep.

And you’ll learn this from someone who works everyday with sleep and anxiety problems, with people just like you.

I’m frequently quoted in the national media for my expertise in sleep and anxiety, including ABC News, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Women’s Health, Shape, Men’s Journal, Huffington Post, and many more.

The skills I teach my own clients are the same ones included in this course.

Getting good sleep is vital for health, happiness, and optimal functioning. If you’re not getting it, you’re at a disadvantage—to people who are. You simply won’t feel your best or perform at the level you could.

This course will give you back your ability to sleep, and all the benefits that come with it.

What this course is not:

It isn’t a magic bullet (i.e., one simple trick that will instantly cure your sleep.) It requires doing severalthings—all included in this course—to attain optimal sleep.

It takes some minimal time and effort to apply the skills.

But if you do—the rewards are a lifetime of consistent, satisfying sleep.


As soon as you register for this course, you’ll learn:

Useful information that really works.

Skills, tools, and techniques that are easy-to-follow and apply.

Knowledge you can immediately benefit from.

And I’ll personally answer any questions you have throughout the course on how to successfully apply the material. So enroll now!

See you inside,
Steve Orma, Psy.D.

P.S. The course includes a bonus lecture: How to Visualize Yourself as a Good Sleeper. You won’t find this powerful technique in any other sleep course or book. Visualization (a skill that uses imagery for positive change) is used frequently in sports, business, and for accomplishing almost any goal. It’s been proven time and again to be extremely effective.

Legendary golfer Tiger Woods, boxer Muhammad Ali, and Olympians Mary Lou Retton and Lindsey Vonn all credit visualization for much of their success. Celebrities Jim Carrey, Will Smith, and Oprah Winfrey also credit the use of visualization for their achievements.

I’ll teach you how to visualize for better sleep.

P.S.S. The $29 price is an introductory offer. I plan on raising the cost of the course soon, so click the “Take This Course” button, top right, now.


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