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Course Description

Experience two of Hollywood’s most sought-after story experts, authors and lecturers with Screenwriting and Story Secrets: The Hero’s Two Journeys.

If you’re a screenwriter, novelist, filmmaker, game developer or storyteller in any arena, this course will empower you to captivate your readers and audiences to achieve both artistic AND commercial success.


In more than 4½ hours of lecture, discussion and Q&A, Michael Hauge, author of Writing Screenplays That Sell and Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds: The Guaranteed Way to Get Your Screenplay or Novel Read; and Christopher Vogler, story analyst and author of The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure For Writers, unite to reveal the essential principles of plot structure, character arc, myth and transformation.

If you want to elevate your scripts and stories – AND your career — to the highest possible level, this class is a must.


Here is what two top screenwriting teachers say about the course…

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see two of Hollywood’s finest and smartest teachers combine their masterful approach to plot, character and commercial success.” – Rich KrevolinScreenwriting Professor at USC; Author of Screenwriting From the Soul and How to Adapt Anything into a Screenplay

“Wow! Michael Hauge and Christopher Vogler ignite the room. I’ve been a pro for nearly 20 years, and in one day this double-barreled seminar made me a better screenwriter.” Eric Edson, Director of Graduate Screenwriting at Cal State University Northridge; Author of The Story Solution: 23 Steps All Great Heroes Must Take


Some of Chris Volger’s clients are:

  • Roland Emmerich – 10,000 B.C.
  • Will Smith – I AM LEGEND, HANCOCK
  • Helen Hunt – THEN SHE FOUND ME
  • Darren Aronofsky – THE WRESTLER


Here what people are saying about Michael Hauge:

“No one is better than Michael Hauge at finding what is most authentic in every moment of a story.” –Will Smith

“I met Michael through Will Smith, who brought him in as a consultant when we were developing The Karate Kid for me to direct. I have asked for his input and guidance on every project I’ve done since.” –Harald Zwart Director: The Karate Kid; Agent Cody Banks


Michael and Chris will discuss:

The Hero’s Outer Journey: They explain the important structural principles that move any successful plot forward.

The Hero’s Inner Journey: The deeper aspects that form the heart of the story. The Hero’s self is experienced or revealed.

And as a BONUS you get: The Journeys of Erin Brockovich

Michael and Chris an in-depth breakdown the Oscar® Winning Film “Erin Brockovich.” They show you The Hero’s Two Journeys in action.


Here’s what you will learn from Screenwriting and Story Secrets: Understanding The Hero’s Two Journeys

  • Master the essential elements of story for film, television and fiction
  • Unite the outer journey of PLOT with the inner journey of TRANSFORMATION
  • Achieve the single ESSENTIAL goal of all storytelling
  • Guarantee both commercial AND artistic success
  • Maximize the emotional involvement of your audiences and readers
  • Employ the key principles of the Hero’s Journey
  • Identify the 5 essential turning points for any screenplay or novel
  • Create 3-dimensional characters using wound, belief, fear, identity and essence
  • Harness the power of the 7 mythical archetypes.
  • Recognize the Hero’s Two Journeys in successful films and fiction
  • Define your own HERO’S JOURNEYS

…and much more.


Who is Alex Ferrari? As the founder of Indie Film Hustle it’s Alex goal to bring the best information and education he can to indie filmmakers, screenwriter, storytellers and entrepreneurs.

When the opportunity to work with two story and screenwriting legends likeMichael Hauge and Chris Volger and present their work to the Udemy community he jumped at the chance.


Important information before you enroll:

  • In case you find the course useless, don’t forget you are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked!
  • Once enrolled, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!
  • You will have instant and free access to any updates we’ll add to the course.
  • I will give you my full support regarding any issues or suggestions related to the course.


Enroll NOW and take your writing and storytelling to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! Let’s get started!


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